ATM is an industry leader in the application of data visualization to assist with the complex decisions of the global financial markets.


The foundation of ATM is our proprietary quantitative indicators that incorporate, volatility, momentum, and time.


With these models, ATM Studies permanently display each condition thus allowing our clients to review the condition’s performance.


All this, allows ATM to deliver discipline and actionable conditions, across multiple time frames for each security in Bloomberg and CQG.



When you work with ATM, you know you will have some of the best tools available for alpha generation





ATM Studies

Changing the way professional traders view markets.  With the ATM Studies, clients can spot a market’s early transition, areas to consider entry and exit, price targets and tools to assist with price and time risk.



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ATM Elliott Wave

The ATM Elliott Wave study is a momentum based calculator of Major, Intermediate, and Minor Elliott Wave counts across all time frames and securities.




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